The Wandsworth Green Party is not officially running a campaign in this very important Queenstown by election. I have been selected to stand as the 'paper' candidate in this by election for the Wandsworth Green Party.



I have decided to stand as a paper candidate in the Queenstown by election.

I have also decided on principle not to develop any campaign or become involved in any way in the current political situation.

There are far too many issues and problems affecting the people in the Queenstown community and far too many potential changes to take into account for either me or the Wandsworth Green Party to be able to develop any sort of potential campaign within the limited time frame of this by election.

I feel very strongly that mainstream politics has become far too much about money, about power and about status. It is no longer about people, about the quality of their lives, their hopes, their fears, their concerns or their needs.

I am standing not out of any personal desire to become a Wandsworth councillor, but to serve both my party and the community of people in which I live. I am a resident of the Savona Estate in Battersea.

I have nothing to offer but honesty and the truth. I am not an experienced councillor. I am a relatively new member of the Wandsworth Green Party. I need time to get to know the residents of this community, to understand the complex issues and potential changes facing the Queenstown communtiy, and to get to know the Wandsworth Green Party and Green Party as a whole. Both are necessary for me to be able to provide any sort of effective representation at local government level for the community.

I am only interested in serving the needs of the Queenstown community, my party the Green Party, and finding effective solutions to the many issues experienced by Queenstown residents. I'm not interesting in finger pointing, fighting political parties or in winning elections.

Therefore the contents of this website relate specifically to my personal views as a Queenstown resident and should not be interpreted in any way as any sort of campaign, either by myself or the Wandsworth Green Party. Nor should it be interpreted as any sort of official position or policy by either the Wandsworth Green Party or Green Party as a whole.

I am standing for Green Party members and supporters and also for those in the Queenstown community who want real political change and effective local government representation. I am standing to provide a clear message of hope to people, and because I care about the people of my community, I care about their hopes and fears, about their issues and problems, about the quality of their lives in this community. I'm only interested in working towards solutions which develop a better, stronger, more integrated community.

I hope this makes things clear.

Polling date is Thursday 10th November 2016 - 7am to 10pm.

Promoted by Chris Poole, 45 Swinburne Road, Putney, London on behalf of Stella Baker, Flat 5, 4 Savona Street, Battersea, London

This website relates to a paper candidacy and not to any official campaign involved in the Queenstown by election.